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Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Postage Stamp Test

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I recently came across an article saying that riding a bike was bad for your sex life ( I knew there was a reason I hated this activity...

Within it, they mentioned the Postage Stamp Test, designed to help men find out whether or not they need Viagra.

Here are the details: "Most men's sexual libido is highest around 4 a.m. To see if you need Viagra, take a section from a roll of postage stamps and pass it around your penis at night before you go to bed, sticking the two ends together lightly. If the seal is broken when you wake up in the morning, it means you've had an erection and don't need Viagra."

Wow. The world gets ever more fascinating each day for me.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

An Historian's Pleasure

It's difficult being an historian in the 21st century. Everyone is looking forward - no one really cares about looking back. That worries me, especially because history is especially relevant at this point in our history, what with all our cross-cultural squabbles. Knowing each other's histories goes a long way to understanding each other in the here and now.

I was especially upset about the Internet. I have done a few websites in my day and my concern was always that when they are updated, the original website is lost. As a packrat and as someone who know the value of a good archive, I felt an unease about this.

Well, someone else must have felt my malaise too. To my delight, I found a website called the Wayback Machine ( Although it sounds like a good Ray Bradbury short story, it's actually an Internet archive system. If you want to see the evolution of a website, just punch in the URL and you are literally transported back in time. Great for websites that are now defunct, or to track updates on popular (or not so popular) websites.

I'm just delighted that the Internet gurus at least have seen the worth in tracking its historical development.

Think of all the theses 50 years down the road that will be possible using this type of source. Having a Masters or PhD in Internet History may seem ludicrous now, but mark my words - one day it will seem just as normal as having a PhD in medieval Spanish women's history.

Um, er, never mind...