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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


So here we are in the dog days of summer - Calgary is more humid than I have ever felt it (climate change pundits take note). Makes one think, as it is simply too GD hot to do anything else.

I currently self-identify as a SINK - single income, no kids. But I am definitely living in a DINK city. You need two incomes to even consider buying one of our overpriced half-million dollar bungalows. I know, I know - life isn't fair. But humans need to have hope to thrive, and I'm not feeling the love right now - hence the SINK and not DINK label.

Interestingly enough, StatCan today released a report that labelled Calgary as a Young Boys' Club. We have one of the highest ratios of young, male inhabitants in Canada. And just when I thought I had cracked the Old Boys' Club. Many of these men are SINKs, but they are special SINKs - they are Oilpatch SINKs. Much higher SI counts than most SINK women.

A colleague said to me today that I need a sugar daddy. As he was of a certain age himself, I wasn't sure how to take that, so vehemently affirmed my desire to remain single and do it myself.

I think I need a new acronym. Yea, that'll do it.

How about SWIM? Single, With Incalculable Money. Love it, love it, love it!

Huzzah! Must dash now to make incalculable money.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Happiness - again!

In a strange twist of the multi-verse (for another post, I promise!) I was watching BBC news the other day when a documentary on happiness came on. The Happiness Formula took a look at what makes us happy, on numerous levels, and whether or not government has a role in this. One of the key informants, Dr. David Halpern, was a Senior Policy Advisor to Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair, and author of Social Capital. Now this is curious to me, albeit on a personal level. You see, I actually know said Dr. Halpern, and can tell you I have seen him through some not so happy times. And vice versa. Granted, that was when we were both completing PhDs, so unhappiness was a constant state of mind.

But it did make me think twice.

Once: I should buy his book and show some collegial support.

Twice: The entire Blair government suddenly makes sense to me. This is the same man who did not know that cars needed oil changes lest their engines unexpectedly seize up.

'Nuff said, yet again.