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Monday, November 12, 2007

Brian Mulroney's Own Goal

Ain't karma a bitch. Seems one of Canada's least favourite PMs is in trouble again - and by his own hand. It is a very messy affair that was only re-opened because said Brian Mulroney wanted his ego stroked even more, and so prematurely published and publicized his memoirs.

His enemies were waiting for just such an opportunity. The Fifth Estate pounced, reminding Canadians of the infamous Airbus scandal and the fact that we, the Canadian taxpayers, paid Mulroney $2 million for a defamation lawsuit settlement in 1997. Then his good buddy Karlheinz Schreiber re-surfaced just before he was set to be formally and finally deported to his native Germany. Howls of protests from Liberals, BQs, NDPs, and even the odd Con (I like Odd Cons) meant that Ethics hearings were in order.

What a debacle. And all because Brian could not keep his Mighty Ego sheathed for another two weeks.

Kind of makes a girl wonder aloud about the propriety of mandatory ego sheathing....