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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Old 80-20 Rule

In fundraising, it's well known that 80% of your donations come from only 20% of your donors. Focus your efforts on those 20%, and you'll do just fine.

Seems HarperLand has it's own version of this rule. The Building Canada Fund is a great example. This is the $8.8 Billion fund that provides infrastructure funding to Canadian communities. And when you look at the numbers, it's quite revealing. A full 80% (ok, 79.41% for you picky folks) of the funding has so far been allocated to Con ridings. That leaves only 20% for ridings of all other political persuasions. And to boot, only 6.4% of the funding announced ($1.6 Billion so far) has actually flowed out the door.

This makes AdScam look like a swipe at petty cash at a mere $250 million.

And yet no one in the MSM seems interested. At all. Blatant partisan politics at work in one of the biggest funding programs to hit Canada in decades, and nobody's watching, or even interested.

Par for the course, really.