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Monday, July 13, 2009

Say what? And where?

I may be fast on the road to becoming an old fogey, but just when did the basic rules of etiquette change so drastically regarding the "new technology"?

Case in point: I was minding my own business today in the mall and decided I should find a public loo to relieve myself. A woman about my age was following me (quite closely, actually) and talking animatedly on a cell phone. About a house renovation, if you must know (and apparently, the whole world must know.) I thought to myself as I opened the door to the washroom, "Surely she will excuse herself and hang up the phone now." But oh no. I entered into one stall, and she barrelled into the other, still talking to the poor person on the other end of the line. Surely, then, she will hang up now, I thought, as I unzipped and assumed the position. But, horror of horrors, this did not cross her mind. She proceeded to have her pee and continue gabbing. Sounds of toilet paper ripping and flushes ensued (and that was only me!). I then came out and did my hygiene duty - loud water sounds and paper towel-ripping sounds quite common to a washroom were made. I left without seeing her, much to my delight.

So my question to you, blog-dogs, is: was this a faux pas, or is this considered au courant (perhaps even cutting edge?) in the cell phone world now? Do people do this in the privacy of their own home with cordless phones too? Am a just an uber-prude? After all, if she were with another friend in person and went into a washroom, the conversation could still have continued, no? I think my discomfort came from the fact that the person on the other end of the phone had no choice in the matter - they were dragged along for the ride, no matter what. Could have been a man too. In which case she had no right to let him in on the secret workings of female bathrooms.

Sigh. The 21st century is wearing on me. I am truly tired of all the change. I need a kinder, simpler day, when people excused themselves to do private things with their privates.

Perhaps I shall sign up for that Franciscan retreat after all. No cell phones allowed.