I've been thinking a lot about karma the last couple of days. I've actually had quite a bit of time to think, as I've thrown out my back and am now on strong drugs (yay!). Whether or not my thinking is therefore clear is debatable. It was so bad that I ended up in Emergency on Friday night. I was "tremulous" as the nurse put it, and felt like hell - about to pass out, hot, cold, etc. I didn't know that pain could do that to you (but it can) and I sure didn't think my pain was that bad (but it was).

Living alone, you get to be pretty autonomous and independent. When something like this happens, you really need friends around you. I was lucky enough to have been around two wonderful people on Friday night - fairly new friends - who made sure I got to emergency, had something to eat and drink, and was well entertained during the waiting game to see the doc. And then my friend, Z (not sure if she wants her full name out!) came over after I had a bad reaction to the initial drugs given to me at emergency (it was a bad weekend.) Another visit from Z and Sarah today made me feel well looked after and generally all warm and fuzzy. Granted, that last part could have been the drugs ...

Earlier on Friday - when I was still ambulatory - I had passed a bottle-picker on campus. I had been somewhat surprised to see him, and as a reflex reaction, walked to avoid him. He sensed this immediately, and said "Excuse me, but I seem to have misplaced my smile - you couldn't give me yours, could you?" To which I smiled broadly at him and replied, "Yes, I can give you mine freely and without charge." We both felt the moment to be a happy one, as opposed to how it started out.

That's good karma, and that's why we have to pay it forward. You just never know when you'll need it yourself one day.


Sarah Elaine said…
What a delightful way for the bottle picker to react! I think I may have to borrow his line at some point and use it. How else could one respond but to give their smile?

I'm assuming from your allusion, that you have seen the movie Pay It Forward. If not, put it on the list... In fact, we can watch it together, if you like. It's one of my favorites.

Here's to friends... and meds (in that order!) Hope you feel better soon, and if you need *anything*, you know where to find us. :-)
zouzou said…
oy! great post. I'm in on the movie night! (after the poker night of course).

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