Back from the Abyss

Well, it has been a looong time. So much for that. I am back and hoping to blog on a more regular basis. My friend, Stubborn Mule, and I had a bit of reunion with others in Cambridge a couple of weeks ago, and he inspired me to get back at it. So here's a new look blog and I have even managed to get my Twitter feed attached to it. Molto bene. I believe when I interrupted this blog, there was no such thing as Twitter. Ye gods.

I must admit, I really quite enjoyed being back in England again. Not sure if it was the company (stellar); or the weather (spring - much better than Calgary); or just the fact I needed a break (stressed out and punchy). Whatever it was, being back was a tonic. I have resolved to do it again soon.

Of course, it might be that the Canadian election is bringing me down. I really do not wish to live in Harpo-land anymore. But my compatriots seem uninterested and blasé about the whole thing.

More anon, on this topic. It's not over til it's over (or is that until the Fat Lady sings?).


Stubborn Mule said…
Great to see you're back on the I need to start posting again myself!
Actual Tests said…
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