Star Trek Into Darkness

The new trailer is OUT! You're welcome - this is the extra footage Japanese version.

So now the big question is....who is Cumberbatch playing? Khan or Gary Mitchell? 

My money is on Gary Mitchell - 100%. Why? Some people are saying it has to be Khan because of the revenge factor. Well, Mitchell has just as much reason as Khan for revenge. Kirk deserted him - perhaps not quite dead yet - on Delta Vega, just as he left Khan exiled on Seti Alpha V.

And then there's the "little blonde lab technician" that Mitchell aimed at Kirk back in their Academy days when Kirk was an instructor and Mitchell a first-year cadet. Check out Memory Alpha for more info on this. It didn't make it into the final edit of TOS episode - which is just a piece of info that J.J. Abrams would love to play on. And there is a pretty little blonde in the trailer. This could easily be Dr. Elizabeth Dehner, however - played by Sally Kellerman in TOS. Hair is identical. Looks are extremely similar. 

Could it be Khan? Ya, I suppose Abrams could play fast and loose with the new timeline. And the blonde could be a red herring. But I hope it's Mitchell and not Khan. Way more scope for interplay - and it hasn't been done before. 

Oh, and you might be excused for thinking that Abrams brought back Patrick Stewart to do the trailer voiceover. Cumberbatch sounds REMARKABLY like him. Another nuance I like. 


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